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What is micro sprinkler irrigation technology?

960 Published by admin 9月 11,2013

Micro sprinkler irrigation

micro sprinkler irrigation

Micro sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation method that supplies irrigation water to soil in crop root area by means of low-pressure and low-flow spraying. It is a general term for the integrated technology of equipment system design and operation management related to micro sprinkler irrigation.

Micro sprinkler irrigation feature

There are some similarities between micro sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation, but there are also obvious differences.

micro spraying irrigation      fruit tree drip irrigation

(1) In micro sprinkler irrigation, the layout of micro sprinkler head is very arbitrary, except that the space between fruit trees is very small, mainly with single sprinkler head spraying, which is a concept of combined evenness commonly used in local irrigation.

(2) High requirements for the working characteristics of micro sprinkler head generally do not depend on the nearby sprinkler to compensate for its precipitation, and only cover a certain range with low elevation Angle at a very low position. At the same time, requirements for different spraying diameters for different rainfall intensity and soil shall be met one by one without sacrificing uniformity.

(3) The reasonable selection and use of micro sprinkler head can further improve the utilization rate of irrigation water. Generally, the water-saving of irrigation is to control the depth of irrigation water reasonably, reduce the leakage of irrigation water deep in the field, and stress the uniformity of sprinkler water within the irrigation water range.

Micro sprinkler irrigation used

The exploiting advanced,applicable micro sprinkler irrigation techniques with high efficiency and forming integrated water utilization system is significant for raising the yield,quality and commodity rate and enhancing the competition ability in domestic and international market,increasing income of the farmers,and promoting industrialization and sustainable development for the vegetable production.

Micro-sprinkler irrigation is the way of good water-saving irrigation for pear trees gardens at present,which makes,up and overcomes disadvantages in the practice of trickle and sprinkler irrigation.The water-saving experiments indicated that micro-sprinkler irrigation is superior to pipe border and traditional flooding irrigation in the aspects of water-saving,improving soil characteristics,developing branches,crown and roots as well as output and the unit weight of fruit.

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