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Red adjustable dripper mould plastic injection

Product Specification:

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Red adjustable dripper introduction

  1. The 8-hole red dripper can be adjusted to sprinkle, drip, and adjustable dripper mould closed. Turn left to close, turn to the right to adjust the flow of water. According to the water pressure, the water outlet distance can reach 1.3 meters in diameter. From dripping to spraying water to meet your various needs, the water source can be adjusted to a few seconds in a short time, and the single dripper can be completely closed when it is not used temporarily. (Turn the dripper red cover to adjust the flow or close the dripper)

drip irrigation dripper

2. The 8-hole red strawberry dripper can adjust the water volume according to the actual situation, and can be removed and cleaned! It can also be closed without water. It can be directly connected to PE thick hose punching or connected with 4/7 capillary tube (no punching on 4/7 tube).

3. Each dripper can be adjusted separately, and the different drip speeds can be adjusted according to the different water requirements of each plant. In the smallest case, the dripper can be completely closed without dripping, adjustable dripper mould

Product connection requirements:

1. The faucet is the externally threaded faucet of the washing machine. If not, the faucet with the outer diameter of the faucet not exceeding 20mm is connected with the faucet connector. The two faucet joints can be selected to perfectly match the water source.

2. The set we sent was a loose piece, not assembled.

 Red adjustable dripper mould plastic injection

Mould material
Number of cavities
Mold opening time(S) Dripper flow(L/H)
S136 32 25 1-70
 adjustable dripper mould

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