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How to install drip irrigation systems?

1,529 Published by admin 4月 16,2018

Composition and installation of drip irrigation systems

1.Piping arrangement and installation:  A water pipe is a channel through which water from a water supply device is directed to a drip irrigation systems area. For simple water melon drip irrigation systems, is generally a three – level, namely dry branch pipe and drip irrigation systems capillary tube. The drip irrigation systems capillary is installed directly on the branch pipe, which is connected with the dry pipe or directly with the water supply system. Filters should be installed on the pipeline to prevent rust and sediment from clogging. Filters should be filtered by 8-10 mesh, and pressure gauge valves and fertilizer mixing boxes (with a volume of 0.5-1 cubic meter) should be installed if possible. The pipe is generally arranged in parallel with the planting line, and the branch pipe is perpendicular to the branch pipe with the dry pipe in the planting line. The horizontal dry pipe with the hair pipe should be buried in the ground for 80 cm deep drip soft belt. There are two ways to connect with the branch pipe: one is to connect with the three-way connection, the other is to connect with the direct connection. When using the three-way connection, punch holes in the upper part of the branch pipe and press the button three-way into. When the two ends are connected with the capillary pipe, then use the straight connection. Punch holes in the side part of the branch pipe and connect the branch pipe with the capillary pipe. After the connection is completed, plug the unclosed part of the branch pipe or plug it with wooden rod, or tie it with iron wire and bend it back, then cut a small section of the pipe to cover it. If the planting area is large, the ball valve can be installed for grouping irrigation.

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2.Provide the form of pressure: The water entering the drip irrigation systems pipe must have a certain pressure, To ensure the irrigation water transport and drip out.

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