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What is the notice that drip irrigation tape used?

1,303 Published by admin 8月 20,2018

Precautions for using drip irrigation system tape

1.Drip irrigation pipes and drip heads are easily blocked and require high water quality, so filters must be installed.

2.Drip irrigation can not regulate the microclimate in the field, is not suitable for freezing irrigation, in vegetable irrigation can not use drip irrigation system to apply manure.

3.Drip irrigation system investment higher, to consider the economic benefits of crops.

4.Drip irrigation system tape burns attention in laying compaction compaction mulch drip irrigation system tape, make the mulch drip irrigation belt press close to, as far as possible between the mulch and drip irrigation belt don’t have space to avoid the sun through the water droplets formed focus to level off the land before sowing, reduce land more pit depression phenomenon miscellaneous stone weeds in order to prevent lump film, caused by water vapor water form the lens effect under mulch, burns when laid of drip irrigation belt will drip irrigation belt to carry on the ground, to avoid burns.

irrigation system

Cautions for use of drip irrigation system

1.In terms of water source, it is necessary to ensure the clean of water source. If a water tank is built on the top of the mountain, the water source shall use the spring water pond as much as possible, otherwise the drip head will be easily blocked. In addition, the water tank shall be covered with a cover to prevent the ultraviolet radiation and debris from entering the drip irrigation system inlet pipe, which shall be roughly filtered with a sieve net.

2.In terms of construction, careful construction should be carried out to prevent the soil from falling into the pipeline. After construction, open the valve at the end of the pipeline, flush the debris in the pipeline, and then try irrigation.

3.In the process of applying fertilizer by drip irrigation system, soluble fertilizer should be used as far as possible. If less soluble fertilizer must be used, it can only be used after being filtered in a separate container.

4.Daily maintenance due to the high precision requirements of drip irrigation on water quality, the water tank must be cleaned regularly and the filters must be cleaned every time. Only in this way can the filter’s service life be extended.

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