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Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape making machine

The drip irrigation extruder adopts frequency converter control which has the features of easy adjustment, reliable running, stable working and low energy consumption. It adopts independent electric cabinet and it is easy for the whole machine’s centralized control and operation.

Product Specification:

  • Type:SJDY-60
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Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation machinery

Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation machinery is a new plastic irrigation machinery which producing water – saving, energy efficiency, income creating drip tape.


drip irrigation machinery   irrigation tape machine


Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation machinery Feature

  1. Tape diameter controller device is invented by ourselves with high accuracy.
  2. The extruder, shaping part and tractor of the drip irrigation machinery adopt frequency conversion control which is more stale and can save more energy.
  3. The screw and barrel of the drip irrigation machinery is alloy material. Unique design for good melting special treatment for long service life.
  4. Heating temperature of extruder and die adopts the self-adjusting temperature controlling system, high precision of temperature control and remarkable energy saving.
  5. Coiling using drip irrigation with torque motor control, equipped with speed control system, effectively overcome the tension defects.The rolling length can be settled casually below 2500m(if meter prolonging is required, it can be ordered). The rolling machine has the functions of memory and automatic alarming etc.
  6. The whole machine is designed compactly, reasonably, beautifully.

Drip irrigation machinery main technical parameter


Model SJDY-60 
Specification  φ12-φ20
Production speed  75m/min
Main driving power  18.5KW
Max. extruding capacity  55KG/H
Heating power  22KW
Filter changing method  Durable filter(patent)
Driving power of shaping wheel  0.75KW
Driving power of tractor  0.75KW
Winding motor  6N.m×3  Torque motor 6 N.m×3
Water consumption  1m³/h
Air consumption  0.3m³/h
Installation power  44KW
Overall dimension(L×W×H)  13.7m×1.55m×2.5m
Weight  2400KG


Drip irrigation machinery forming mould

drip tape mold

Drip irrigation machinery final product

drip irrigation tape     drip hose

For Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape, its dripping hole is at one side labyrinth, the drip tape wall is thin. The drip tape special size can be customized.

Product Application

Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape can be widely used in the greenhouse, field crops (pave along rows)

drip tape application

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