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What is the difference between drip irrigation tubing and drip tape?

1,744 Published by admin 12月 29,2018

What is the difference between drip irrigation tubing and drip tape?

The use of drip tape and drip irrigation tubing are very extensive. Many users cannot distinguish between drip irrigation belts and drip irrigation tubes. This article explains in detail the difference between drip tape and drip irrigation tubing, so that users have a detailed understanding.

flat drip irrigation tape             drip tape

1. Firstly, from the appearance, the drip tape is flat in the absence of water and pressure, and the drip irrigation tubing is cylindrical;

2. Followed by the dripper form to separate, the drip tape is generally inlaid with a flat drip head, the drip irrigation tubing is a cylindrical dripper;

3. The use time, drip tape compared to the drip irrigation tubing wall thickness is thin, the use time is short, the drip irrigation tubing use time is long;

4. The amount of water discharged, the water output of the drip tape is about 2L/h, and the water output of the drip irrigation pipe is about 3L/h. The drip irrigation tubing has a larger amount of water than the drip tape;

5. In terms of investment funds, the capital investment of drip irrigation pipes is higher than that of drip tape.

irrigation hose     irrigation pipe


The common drip irrigation has a labyrinth drip irrigation belt and an inlaid patch drip irrigation belt. The dripper and the drip irrigation belt are integrated, which is convenient to use and low in price. There are many users who choose the drip irrigation belt. Drip irrigation pipe is an important irrigation device in drip irrigation system. According to the requirements of crop water demand, through the low-pressure pipeline system and the irrigator installed on the capillary tube, the nutrients needed for water and crops are dropped into the crop evenly and slowly. Root zone soil. The most common type of drip irrigation pipe is a cylindrical drip irrigation pipe. The wall of the drip irrigation pipe is thick and has a long service life. The corrosion resistance is stronger than that of the drip irrigation belt, but the cost is high. The drip irrigation belt utilizes the advantages of its own pipeline to directly irrigate the water to the root of the crop through the upper orifice or dripper of the capillary tube with a diameter of about 10 mm. The irrigation effect is uniform and the water saving is efficient. The drip irrigation pipe is a low-pressure pipe system and a water irrigator installed on the capillary tube, and the nutrients required for the water source and the crop are evenly and slowly irrigated into the soil of the crop root zone. This is the difference between drip irrigation belt and drip irrigation tube. It can be seen from the above that the difference between the drip irrigation belt and the drip irrigation tube has its own characteristics and each has its own advantages. Therefore, when selecting and installing the drip irrigation equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate drip irrigation product, taking into account the type and cultivation of the crop. Also consider the service life of drip irrigation products and so on.

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