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Inline Round Dripper Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine

the inline round dripper irrigation pipe is widely used in water saving drip irrigation field, such as vegetables, flowers,and trees.

Product Specification:

  • Type:SJNX-70-YZ
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Inline round dripper drip irrigation pipe characteristics

  1. The distance between dripps can be adjusted according to demands of different crops, drip irrigation pipe
    can be adjusted to same distance as well as regular pattern of different distances(Figure 1).
  2. The drippers adopts unique design of circular arc flow path and has the characteristics of complete turbulent fluid, automatic washing and strong antiblock.
  3. The paving length is long and can reach 100 meters.
  4. The inline round dripper drip irrigation pipe can be used in plains as well as in hills and sloping fields.
  5. One dripper has two or four outlets, which antiblocking capability is strong.
  6. The drip irrigation pipe wall thickness can reach 1.2mm and has long service life.

drip irrigation pipe machine

Drip Irrigation Pipe Production line characteristics

  1. The  adopts computer system control and touch screen operation, having the characteristics of stable production process, easy operation and high efficiency and energy saving.
  2. Dripper feeding, choosing and ordering, transferring and inserting, pipe extruding, hole drilling and rolling can be finished synchronously, which has high automation degree.
  3. The screw bolt of extruder and barrel are made of top-quality 38CrMoALA steel, which surface hardness can reach HV850-1000, after processing by ionitriding. The screw bolt adopts optimal design, the extruded materials are plasticized evenly and pipe surface is smooth.
  4. The extruding mold and forming and cooling device are made from special material, having the characteristics of unique structure and stable fixed diameter.
  5. The tractor adopts frequency-variable control and can fit for the speed demands of different technological skill. The surface of caterpillar band has rubber protective layer which prevents drip irrigation pipe from clamping and distorting by tractor effectively.
  6. The hole driller adopts machinical method drilling. It has the characteristics of high speed hole-drilling and stable operation.
  7. The drip irrigation pipe line adopts double-station rolling machine, rolling length can be set to actual needs.

Drip Irrigation Pipe Production line certificate / patent


Certificate / Patent type

Inline round dripper drip irrigation pipe machine



Durable filter

Utility new type patent

Dripper choosing device

Utility new type patent

Dripper insertion device

Utility new type patent

Hole drilling device

Utility new type patent

Vacuum sizing water tank

Utility new type patent

The drip irrigation pipe line technical parameters 

NO. Item Technical parameter
1 Specification of final product Φ12mmΦ16mmΦ20mm
2 Wall thickness of final product 0.5~1.2mm
3 Dripper distance ≥200mm
4 Production speed 50m/min
5 main driving power 45kw
6 Max.extruding capacity 120kg/h
7 Heating power 30kw
8 Filter changing way Durable filter(patent)
9 Total dripper supply power 3.06kw
10 Dripper supplying speed ≤180pcs/min
11 Tractor driving power 5.2kw
12 Hole drilling way machinical
13 Hole drilling speed ≤180pcs/min
14 Winding driver 12N.m×2
15 Water consumption 3m³/h
16 Air consumption 1.5m³/min
17 Installation power 100kw
18 overall dimension(L×W×H) 31m×4.5m×3m

The drip irrigation pipe production speed changes according to the wall thickness of the drip irrigation pipe.

The diameter can be made according to customer’s demand

Inner cylindrical dripper mold technical parameters

drip irrigation dripper mould      drip irrigation pipe

Number of models

16Cavity 32Cavity Note
Mold Dimensions (mm) 270×400×250 450×600×350
Flow channel form Cold runner pouring/hot runner pouring Hot runner pouring
Gate form Submerged gate Submerged gate Balanced feed, automatically broken
Top mode The ejector ejects once The ejector ejects once Ensure that products automatically fall off
cooling method Water circulation cooling Water circulation cooling
Forms of work Automated production Automated production
Service life 1 million times 1 million times
Manufacturing deviation ≤5% ≤5% Dripper flow deviation
Dripper specifications  
Injection molding machine model used SA1600 SA2000

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The use of round dripper drip irrigation pipe

It can be widely used in desert planting, urban greening, crops, greenhouses, gardening, all buried type drip irrigation pipe.

drip irrigation pipe system

Seedling vegetable beds with drip irrigation pipe system

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