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What is the drip irrigation machine?

774 Published by admin 10月 12,2018

The drip irrigation equipment

drip irrigation tubing

What is the drip irrigation equipment?

Drip irrigation equipment is a combination of irrigation tools used in drip irrigation. Drip irrigation equipment includes: drip dripper on the pipe, drip irrigation tape, drip irrigation pipe. Drip irrigation irrigator is also divided into non-pressure compensation and pressure compensation drip irrigation equipment, which is mainly used for wide range and high economic value crops, such as tree, cotton, potato, vegetable nursery, greenhouse crops, forest planting trees and garden, shrub, flower and so on.

Drip irrigation technology can save water. The drip irrigation system with high yield and good quality must be filtered and equipped with a fertilizer application device

Composition of drip irrigation equipment

1. Filtration system

In any water source, all kinds of impurities are contained in varying degrees, and the orifice of the irrigator in the micro-irrigation system is very small, and the irrigator is easily blocked by the impurities in the water source. Therefore, strict filtration treatment of irrigation water source is an essential first step in micro-irrigation, and a key measure to guarantee the normal operation of micro-irrigation system, extend the service life of irrigator and guarantee irrigation quality.

drip line irrigation design


Cyclone water sand separator

This kind of filter is based on the working principle of gravity and centrifugal force, the removal of solid particles with higher density than water requires regular desilting and cleaning, and the time depends on local water quality.

Due to the instability of water flow at the moment of pump opening and pump stopping, the filtering effect is generally used as the primary filter in the underground water source, and it is better to use the filter together with the laminated filter or screen type filter

Sand filters

drip irrigation equipment

This kind of filter is a kind of using sand as filter medium filtering equipment, mainly to remove the suspended solids in the water, such as algae), need regular replacement gravel, time according to the local water conditions Must be in accordance with the design flow, flow assembly led to the decrease of the filtration precision, when import and export pressure drop is greater than 0.07 MPa, should carry on the back flush Filters used in the surface water as a general level, screen mesh and laminated filter or filter used at the same time better.

Mesh filters

The filter medium of this kind of filter is nylon screen mesh or stainless steel screen mesh, impurities when passing through the filter, will be blocked by the screen mesh on the inner wall, It is mainly used to clean all kinds of impurities in the water. It is recommended to clean the filter screen regularly. It is recommended to clean such filter after each irrigation. If the screen mesh or sealing ring is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time; otherwise, the filtering effect of water will be lost. Generally, rotary water-sand separator and sand filter will be used as secondary filter.

Disc filters

Such filters using plastic discs with grooves as filter medium, impurities in through the filter will be plastic discs to intercept outside the wafer, the main removal of various impurities in water, need regular cleaning filters, time according to the local water quality conditions of such filter during the installation process must be installed in the direction of the water regulation, should not be used as a reverse general rotary water sand separator and sand filter is used as a secondary filter.

Fertilization (medicine) device

In micro irrigation systems, the equipment and devices for injecting soluble fertilizer or pesticide solution into the pressure tube are as follows.

1. Differential fertilizing device: this kind of fertilizer plant is in fertilization valve two vice valve formation pressure, and by using the pressure difference, the fertilizers (pesticide) injection system Such fertilizing device has the advantages of simple operation, the use of large range, but the fertilizer solution concentration will gradually become low, in the process of fertilization can’t accurate know fertilizer, in use process should pay attention to fertilize the lid of the pot to tighten.



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