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How to use the diy drip irrigation system design efficiently?

756 Published by admin 10月 20,2018

Drip irrigation uses plastic tubing to deliver water to the root of the crop through a hole or dripper on a capillary tube approximately 10 mm in diameter for local irrigation. It is the most effective water-saving irrigation method in the current drought-stricken areas, and the water utilization rate can reach 95%. Compared with sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation has higher water-saving and yield-increasing effects, and can be combined with fertilization to increase fertilizer efficiency by more than one time. If used improperly, it will cause drip irrigation to block, we reminds everyone to pay attention to the following problems, to achieve efficient use the diy drip irrigation system design:

diy drip irrigation system design

Diy drip irrigation system design mistake 1: 

Unreasonable irrigation system. The drip irrigation flow rate is low, the user often does not see the irrigation process. If the irrigation time is too long, deep leakage will be generated; if the irrigation time is too short, the root system will be hydrolyzed again. Understanding the irrigation intensity of the irrigation system, the water requirement of the plant, and the amount of water held in the field can better irrigate according to the needs of the plant. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the irrigation cycle and the amount of irrigation should be adjusted according to the different growth stages of the climate and plants, and the same diy drip irrigation system design cannot always be used.

Mistake 2:

Use the wrong dripper. The dripper is usually divided into two models, pressure compensated and non-pressure compensated. Although the pressure compensation type is more expensive, the effect is better. First, the pressure-compensated dripper ensures that each dripper has a uniform effluent and uniform fertilization. Secondly, part of the pressure-compensated dripper can wash out the debris that blocks the dripper, and some pressure-compensated dripper flow paths are large, reducing the possibility of clogging of the dripper.

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