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The raw plastic material mixer

Renmar Plastics Machinery - Plastic Material Mixers Supplier | Renmar Plastics Machinery is a leading China supplier of Plastic Material Mixers.

Product Specification:

  • Type:BLJ-1000
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Plastic material granulate mixer working principle

Plastic material granulate mixer takes advantage of the rapid rotation of the screw to take the materials from the central bottom to the top, and then throw the material in para-curvetype way back to the bottom. It makes the raw materials stirring up and down and mixed uniformly within a short time.

plastic material mixer

Plastic material granulate mixer Feature

  1. Spiral loop-mixing makes raw plastic material blending more uniform and faster.
  2. Stirring and drying works simult aneously. Since the materials maintain flow state during the drying process, makes uniform heat penetration, drying time is short and not easy to agglomerate.
  3. Applicable to all kinds of plastic raw materials and masterbatch mixing,recycled and virgin materials with masterbatch mix better.
  4. The mixer material is completely stainless steel which is easy to clean and avoid corrosion.
  5. The electronically controlled safety device to ensure safe operation.

Plastic material granulate mixer specification


MODEL Motor power Capacity Heating power Blower capacity Voltage Rotating speed Machine dimension(L*W*H)
BLJ-1000 4KW 1000KG 15KW 1.1KW 380V 400R/MIN 1700*1400*3000(mm)

plastic material   plastic pipe material

Plastic products

flat drip irrigation tape     drip irrigation pipe     irrigation pipe


Plastic pelletizing machine

plastic pelletizing machine

Use of plastic material granulate mixer

Large plastic material granulate mixer, used in the plastic industry to mix plastic particles, make different plastics mix uniformly, adopt decelerating motor, and make the mixing process do not produce dissolved volatilization or deterioration of materials.

Description of plastic particle mixer and matters needing attention

1.An empty operation test should be carried out before the test. Before the test, the firmness of all connecting parts of large plastic vertical mixer should be checked, the lubricating oil amount in the reducer and the integrity of electrical equipment should be checked, and then the general switch should be closed, the power supply should be connected and the empty operation test should be carried out.

2.The idle running test machine test can make the large plastic vertical mixer put into production under the condition of no abnormal phenomenon such as the abnormal sound bearing transmission temperature helicopter and so on.

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