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How to install and manage subsurface drip irrigation?

632 Published by admin 9月 09,2018

The method of installing and managing subsurface drip irrigation is as follows

1.Installation of subsurface drip irrigation

drip line irrigation design

(1)Preparation of installation materials: the drip irrigation system generally includes the water pump storage tank filter pipe and fertilizer applicator, and other common simple drip irrigation equipment does not need special pumps, and the reservoir only needs to be laid on the basis of the original irrigation equipment, and then the general supervisor can select the anti-aging black hose or semi-rigid pipe with the diameter of 80-120mm. The branch pipe is made of 40-50 anti-aging black hose. The hose is filled with holes of different sizes and densities for water dripping.

(2)System installation: heat reservoir, reservoir above covering film, prevent sundry fall into simple drip irrigation equipment not to build reservoirs, water quantity is mainly determined by watering time, irrigation time not too long, otherwise will lose the advantage of drip irrigation When will head straight to the external water pipe, fertilizer with fertilizer use Is limited to does not affect the farming operations, the main line along the southern or northern PengShi laid good, connect branch pipe laying before covering film well Head along the crop rows vertically laid, branch pipe laid along the direction of planting.

2.Management of subsurface drip irrigation

subsurface drip irrigation

(1)Standard operation: in order to achieve the best effect of vegetable drip irrigation, the design and installation management must be standard operation. The filter facilities cannot be dismantled at will and the hole can be drilled at any place.

(2)Attention to filtration: drip irrigation vegetables under the film of greenhouse in the greenhouse should be regularly cleaned in the filter screen, which should be replaced if damaged, and sediment should be opened in time when drip irrigation pipe network is found.

(3)Adequate irrigation: the duration of each drip irrigation shall be determined according to the degree of water shortage and vegetable varieties, generally controlled at 1h-4h.

Subfilm drip irrigation is the application of subfilm drip irrigation technology under the film. It is an organic combination of the film cultivation technology and the drip irrigation technology, that is, covering a layer of film on the drip irrigation belt or the hair pipe of drip irrigation. It is a new technology of saving water and increasing efficiency in farmland irrigation.


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