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How to solve the problem in drip irrigation supplies?

1,112 Published by admin 1月 02,2018

Tangshan Zhifu plastic machinery Co., Ltd is the drip irrigation supplies in China. We can popularize planting techniques to farmers.

Drip irrigation problem solution

Spray irrigation system, increase production, save time and effort, it is a widely used concern technology, however, because of the effect of impurity mineral precipitation makes capillary drip head congestion, spray the drip irrigation supplies uniformity is also difficult to ensure these are the obstacles to the widespread promotion of drip irrigation supplies technology, small make up today with a wave of welfare teach you easy to deal with problems.

drip irrigation supplies

Drip irrigation supplies the main points

1. It is important to install the filter

Water source must be filtered, usually 100 mesh nylon or stainless steel mesh; Or using a 120-mesh screen filter, which is a key filter for the normal operation of drip irrigation system to be cleaned regularly; The tail end of the drip irrigation pipe is opened and washed regularly, usually once a month.

2. Apply fertilizer after drip irrigation, it is important to take time by the forelock

The fertilizer should be dissolved in the fertilizer tank, and the time of fertilization in each area should be about 30-60 minutes after 20 minutes of drip irrigation supplies. The rate and time of fertilization should be adjusted through the switch.

3. Remember to flush, keep in mind to prevent clogging

Flushing time is related to the size of irrigation area. Drip irrigation is usually 15-30 minutes. If not, the fertilizer in the pipe is completely discharged.

4. Choosing the right fertilizer is the key, solubility is the most important.

5. Do not lazy, fertilizer quantity should be adjusted

For first-time users to use the drip irrigation supplies, the amount of fertilizer applied is adjusted on the basis of previous years, and then the fertilizer is applied in a small number of times.

6. Frequent maintenance and inspection are also necessary

Often go to the field to check whether there are leakage stopped pipe broken pipe and other phenomena, timely maintenance system.

drip programs

Solve the method and requirement of clogging in drip irrigation supplies

1. Pretreatment of drip irrigation supplies water

This is the most economic and effective method to prevent clogging, more rigorous pretreatment, the phenomenon of the physical blockage occurred according to water quality and flow rate, less at the pump intake trash rack with barbed wire 3, installation of the trash rack mesh from small to large, can respectively 10-50 mush, block to suspended mud and debris or to introduce the river reservoir, the precipitation and sediment backup, with dark, protect and algal blooms from the ingress of debris.

2. Properly install the filter system and drip irrigation supplies pipe

First of all, according to the water quality of the pretreatment, separately installed sand filter fold plate mesh filter or combination, make filtering processing, water quality generally to drip water again after casing head valve such as the use of standard installation of a small flow of screen mesh filter, as a secondary filter processing, can greatly improve the safety performance of drip irrigation system anti clogging when installing drip irrigation supplies pipe field, the drip irrigation supplies  on the tube, can make the small amounts of impurities in the water precipitation in the bottom of the tube, and prevent root invasion drip holes.

3. Use drip irrigation supplies correctly

The first is to choose the soluble fertilizer, and the fertilizer applicator must be installed before the filter. The second is that the filtration equipment of drip irrigation system can be used normally before fertilization. After fertilization, the system should be washed with water for about 15-30 minutes to prevent the remaining fertilizer from settling in the  the drip irrigation supplies pipe.

4. Rinse the drip irrigation supplies pipe regularly to clean the filter

When the newly installed drip irrigation pipe is used for the first time, open the plug at the end of the drip irrigation supplies pipe and flush with sufficient water. Only after cleaning the impurities in the  the drip irrigation supplies pipe can it start to use. After five times of use, the filter should be checked frequently before rinsing the irrigation water again.

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