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How to design fruit tree drip irrigation system?

1,404 Published by admin 1月 02,2018

Arrangement of watering fruit trees drip system

1. Capillary and dropper arrangement

Dripper is manually installed on the capillary tube, so the arrangement of dripper and capillary tube is simultaneous. The arrangement of dripper and capillary tube depends on the crop type planting mode, soil type and emitter type, and construction and management convenience should also be considered. Watering fruit trees drip system.


drip irrigation hose


2. The tubular is arranged around the tree

When a fruit tree canopy widths and plant spacing were larger, planting is irregular, root scarce, can consider to capillary around trees decorate a form, this arrangement, form the advantage of wet area is nearly circular, the moist range can be adjusted according to the size of the tree body, also good for fruit trees each direction of the root system growth this arrangement is in commonly prostagland orchard when installing drip irrigation application more. Watering fruit trees drip system.

watering fruit trees drip system


3. The first set

The first part of watering fruit trees drip system mainly includes the fertilizer application equipment and measurement equipment of the pressure control valve filter equipment, etc. The required equipment is basically the same as the watering fruit trees drip system. The difference is that the performance parameters of each equipment are different from the watering fruit trees drip system. If improper selection filter may be the consequences of dropping head congestion, or filter blocked easily, bring traffic system can’t satisfy the irrigation, increase the cleaning frequency filters, bring so much inconvenience So the choice of the filter must be according to the water quality of the water and head to the requirement of water quality treatment, choose appropriate filter, using different types of filters when necessary, combination of multi-stage filtration. Watering fruit trees drip system.

4. Supervisor and branch arrangement

Watering fruit trees drip system of power tube arrangement depends on the topography and water distribution of crops and capillary arrangement, the arrangement should reach management is convenient, the requirement of engineering cost small general when water closer from the irrigated area and irrigation area is lesser, can only give up branch, do not set the main, two adjacent piping should be vertical to each other as far as possible in order to make the pipe length of the shortest and control area is the largest in the hilly mountain, main plan or along the contour line layout along the ridge, branch pipe is perpendicular to the contour, to the capillary water distribution in the ground, on both sides of the power tube should be two-way control, as far as possible on both sides of the arrangement of the lower pipe, the pipe can be saved. Watering fruit trees drip system.

5. Watering fruit trees drip system installation layout

The tree spacing of tree and shrub trees such as fruit trees and economic forests changes greatly, and the arrangement mode of pipe should be determined according to the planting regulation degree of tree size and drip flow and other factors. Watering fruit trees drip system.



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